Photo of Patty Donahue in her painting studio
Patty Donahue, artist

Studio Patty D – artistic gifts for colorful souls!

The artist behind Studio Patty D, Patty Donahue, is a mixed media artist, who works with fun, color and happiness in her heart. She works primarily with acrylic paint on paper, incorporating collage, acrylic ink and pen work. This rich layering of elements and mediums creates paintings you can simply sink into. The richness of the bold colors allow the viewer to see something new every time they view it.

Her bold, colorful, vibrant florals, stylized characters, and amusing animals are inspired by nature and the love of co-existing with the plants, birds, animals and insects right in our own backyards.

The uniquely charming “crowned critters” show themselves to her in the multi-layered backgrounds of unfinished work, and simply have to be given life. It’s a special collection that comes from Patty’s vivid imagination and her ability to see faces in patterns.

Once completed, the artwork is scanned at a high resolution and imprinted onto consumer products in her Geneva IL shop, so that the joy of her work can be shared with others. From wall art prints and all occasion note cards, to pot holders, jewelry boxes and light switch covers, you’re sure to find something to feed your colorful soul!

Vibrant & Fun

All original designs

Patricia Dee

original designs and prints

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