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Hi! I’m Patty, and here’s the tale of how I came out of the (artist) closet!

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In 2016, I decided it might be fun to paint, and as I stood staring blankly at all the supplies in the art department, quickly found out I needed some direction. So many paint types, mediums, tools etc! I discovered a couple of classes on line that looked like fun and I was hooked. Internet classes turned in to destination courses and I was able to travel to fun places to take a class. I was doing it because it was fun, not
because I wanted to make a career out of it. I already own a successful business – Image Awards, Engraving & Creative Keepsakes, Inc. – in Geneva, Illinois.

As it happens, one of the processes I do at work is dye sublimation.It’s a process that allows me to put images on many different substrates. Typically, it’s business logos and recognition stuff, but as my artwork got better, I found it fun to imprint my original pieces on things like coffee mugs, outlet covers and trivets, to name a few. I started to sell them in the shop on a very small scale.

For quite some time my friends and family and customers have been urging me to step out of the “artist closet” and show my work to the general public. I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but in 2020 along came COVID-19 and my business slowed to a crawl (the showroom has had to close for several months) and, believe it or not, I won a website! Talk about a sign! I had no choice but to set my insecurities aside and say yes. I’m doing this.

So here it is! Studio Patty D is born! Thanks in advance for your support, and be safe, be well and be nice to each other.
A new day is dawning for us all 🙂

Vibrant & Fun

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Patricia Dee

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