TOMAboard kit

TOMAboard kit


Creatively display your word of the year to keep it Top Of Mind all year, while highlighting monthly take-aways for future annual planning

TOMAboards are highly customizable planner kits, allowing you to easily record what is meaningful TO YOU! Words to reflect on throughout the year, meaningful symbols and mantras and records of the moments you’ll want to remember for next year (and those you wish to forget!)

Create your own visual reminder of your word of the year.

Record highlights and lowlights monthly to aid in future annual planning

Incorporate mantras, colors and symbols that are meaningful to you

Only 100 kits will be sold in this launch, so buy now if you want to join the fun!

73 in stock


Our TOMAboard kits consist of:

  • 1 blank, white, 5×7 easel backed panel
  • 1 pre-cut and pre-scored “pocket” to store your monthly cards, made with white mixed media paper for easy decoration with any kind of medium
  • 1 sheet of white 11×14  mixed media paper pre-scored for 12 perfectly sized monthly cards to fit in your supplied pre-scored pocket
  • Extensive word list to aid in your word of the year selection
  • Suggestions for use
  • Links to videos for how-to’s and decorating ideation
  • Facebook group to share our TOMAboards and exchange planner ideas
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